Welcoming Leighton — A Birth



November 29, 2014 — Leighton-  A birth story

At Six O’clock AM on Saturday the 29th, I got the text that the baby was coming.  It was a cold November morning and the Tacoma streets were empty.  I arrived, stepping into a quite home.  I proceeded up stairs where  I found Mama and Dad quietly laboring together.  The energy was calm as this couple spoke softly to one another. Haley was an incredibly peaceful laboring mama, eating and even laughing a bit.

Shortly after arriving, she requested to get into the water.  She labored in the water as the sun rose and we all welcomed the new day.  The windows were opened mid morning.  And we all sat in awe watching the first snow fall of the season.

Haley and her husband held each other as labor progressed.  Words of encouragement encompassed her as her contractions grew stronger.  We all took turns holder her hands, speaking to her and helper her cope.

The time came for her to begin to push, and with great strength she held her husband’s hands and pushed her son out.

Leighton was born around 10 am right up into mama’s arms.  Both dad and mom cried as he took his first breaths.  The instant bond between mom and baby, that first gaze.  And we all sat and marveled at the newest miracle life.

Leighton and mom enjoyed some skin to skin as he had his first feeding.  And then big brother H arrived to sweetly give “gentle touches” to his new baby brother.  I left this family mid morning, smiling, happy, peaceful and complete.


happy BIRTH day Leighton

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