Doula Services

Birth is delicate and special, I strive to bring a peaceful presence to every birth I attend. I  am so happy to be providing Birth Doula services full time.  I am very passionate about birth.  About supporting women through pregnancy, labor and delivery.   I have received my Birth Doula Certification through Birth Arts International.  I currently reside in Tacoma, and work with women in Pierce, lower King and some of Kitsap and Thurston counties.  I am attending births in all settings: home, hospital and birth center.


What is a Doula?

A personal support in pregnancy, labor and delivery.  Doula’s are trained to attend to women during their most vulnerable times.

Doula’s believe that birth is a vital and important experience in a woman’s life.  They are specifically attuned to a woman’s emotional and physical needs during pregnancy, labor and delivery.  They assist women in planning for their birth, talk about resources and provide education and information on choices.  A doula takes the time to listen and understand your desires for your birth.

As a doula, I work close to you during pregnancy to prepare and get to know you.  I encourage you through the different stages of development and offer many resources.  As we near closer to your birth, we talk regularly and I make myself available for any questions that rise.  I provide continuous support throughout your entire labor and delivery, from the moment of onset active labor until your baby is born.  I am proud to advocate a woman’s rights to make the choices that are best for her, as well as provide support and encouragement for partners.  I am trained in specific labor coping techniques and resources, such as counter pressure, aromatherapy, Rebozo techniques, belly wrapping and more.  I enter every client relationship ready to listen, support and encourage.


I encourage all women interested in Doula services to contact my as early as possible.  I take a limited number of clients per month, in order to ensure my full attention and availability to each client as well as my own family.  I prefer to meet and sign contracts as early as possible, to establish a trusting personal relationship and provide the most essential pregnancy support and birth preparation.  I will also accept new clients after 37 weeks.


Doula Services:

  • Complimentary introduction meeting
  • 2 prenatal appointments to discuss birth desires and plan, labor positions, and coping techniques
  • 24/7 availability for support or questions via text or phone
  • On call availability starting at 37 weeks until 2 weeks post due date
  • Full and continuous availability once active labor has started
  • Complete support during entire labor
  • 2 hours of immediate postpartum support
  • 1 postpartum visit to discuss birth and postpartum emotions

I have a few other resources available for client use:  my Lending Library, a Birth Tub for rent and a birth ball.

For questions about services or to book a meeting, contact here.


*Birth Photography is a separate package and is not automatically included in Doula services.  To inquire about BOTH services, see RATES page or contact me personally*


Wisteria Studios birth doula, Tacoma WA