A natural hospital delivery — birth story

January 6, 2016 — Meeting Ruby

I knew most of the day that mama, Kalos, was in early labor. Checking in every few hours for an update, she labored with dad-to-be, her father and sister in the hospital. Her water broke late in the evening and I grabbed my bag to head in.

When I arrived around midnight, things were in full swing and she was progressing quickly. I had been asked to coach Kalos during this labor, along side her partner. Kalos labored strong and beautifully. Between soft spoken encouragement, Dad-to-be and I took turns rubbing her back, applying pressure and reminding her to take deep breaths.

After just a short time, Mama wanted to labor in the tub for a while. Her contractions were intense, but she handled them incredibly. She decided to forgo any medication and choose to labor naturally.

Soon, she was checked and they found baby to be almost crowning. She was moved back to the bed. Everyone got ready and the midwife was called in. Her father stood behind her head, her partner beside her. She pushed her little girl out at 1:13 am into a room excited to meet her.

Ruby Marie — Absolutely perfect.

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