A beautiful VBAC — Surprise gender

Sunday August 14, 2016 —

I met Kaci early on in her pregnancy and we began preparing right away for her long awaited first vaginal birth, after two previous cesareans.  I was beyond excited to join her in this journey, as her Doula, to fight with her for the birth she had been dreaming of.

I got the text in the afternoon one Sunday, that contractions had begun, and they didn’t seem like they were going to stop.  By 5 o’clock, she decided to head to the hospital, and I joined her there.  Upon arrival, we heard that her specific OB was not in town that day.  To a potential VBAC mama, this news was discouraging.  The choice to try for a vaginal birth after a cesarean (let alone after TWO cesareans) is not always a supported choice by doctors.  Kaci had been fortunate to have prenatal care with a doctor who supported and believed in her right to try.  After a few phone calls from a very determined nurse, we were successful in finding a backup OB who would support her choice to continue for a VBAC.

Kaci labored strong and intensely for many hours.  She had a stellar team of support around her- her husband and sister. It was great to work along side them in assisting her while she coped with contractions.  She remained positive, hopeful — and we all held the faith that her body could do this.  After about 7 hours of active labor, Kaci decided to have an epidural, in order to rest and relax her body, hoping it would help her to open her final few centimeters.

The room was quiet, and calm as the lights were turned off and this fierce warrior mama rested and slept.  I sat next to one of the giant round windows over looking the city, and felt momentarily connected to all the other women birthing around us, in this big city.  For a second, my heart swelled with delight as I knew that mama’s everywhere were fighting and pushing their own strengths to meet their new babies.

Within the next hour, Kaci was beginning to feel immense pressure, she was checked and ready to begin pushing.  Less than 15 minutes later, Kaci pushed out a healthy, beautiful baby right into her husbands hands.  Baby was placed onto her chest, and everyone held their breath as dad checked for the gender.  A sweet, plump baby GIRL.


This birth was incredibly special.  I assisted Kaci, simply as her Doula, but could not resist snapping a few photos of such a unique birth experience, the one she had been fighting for.

Welcome baby girl, and congratulations Kaci– I couldn’t be more proud.


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